unique fashion that empowers people transitioning out of homelessness

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the hard truth about housing

After spending time in the homeless community in New Orleans, we realized a need.

After getting a home, our recently housed friends found themselves in yet another vulnerable situation. Under-supported and ill-equipped for their new life, we saw an obvious gap in services for these individuals.

That's why we created Reunion Shoe Company- to create solutions for people who have spent time living on our streets, while creating great products and involving people like you in the story of change!

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creating change is possible, and it starts with you.

With every purchase, you ensure that our employee's continue to receive honest wages, weekly one-on-one appointments with a social worker, and professional counseling.

become part of the solution - employ & empower

Order your pair today - change the narrative for someone exiting homelessness. 

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"I buy Reunion Shoes so I can directly help people in need rather than feeding a larger company as a whole."

Parker Landry - Customer

Reunion Shoe Company is important because it’s creating an environment where honest change can happen in all areas of person’s life. Plus it allows me to be a part of it!

Sam Hubbard - Pastor, Customer

you support changed lives

We at Reunion Shoe Company know in our hearts that we are being called to build meaningful relationships with the poor here in New Orleans, and that God gave us shoes as an avenue to do that.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible gift to help that vision come to fruition, please click below. 


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