Now Closed. Thanks for the adventure.

looking back

Over the past four years, we saw this crazy idea bloom into a full-fledged social business aimed towards employing and empowering folks transitioning from houselessness. We walked with our program members through each of their unique sets of circumstances, while also providing work, mentorship, and counseling. We also created products that we hope you, our supporters, could wear and love. 

We certainly wouldn't trade this experience for anything, and we hope you also benefitted from our time in business.

Social enterprise is a difficult thing. Sometimes people describe entrepreneurship as trying to build the plane as you fly. If running a "normal" business is this difficult, then starting a social business is the equivalent of trying to build the plane in time for it to gain enough momentum to get off the runway. Unfortunately, we ran out of runway to fully craft the business side of our organization. 

I cannot thank you all enough for being such an amazing, supportive group of folks. We could not have showed up for our program members without your support. 

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While our business and program at Reunion Shoe Company has ended, our work to employ and empower folks from difficult places has not.

Our parent nonprofit, The Restoration Initiative operates several other programs aimed at serving our community. Our Reunion employees will be given the option to work for other programs within our organization, or will be supported in finding work elsewhere.

To learn more about the continued work of our larger organization, click the button below.  

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