Our Story

Reunion Shoe Company was created in response to the simple need to do more for people who have spent part of their lives living on the streets of New Orleans. 

Jose & Lori Cruz
Jose & Lori - Housed in 2017

Reunion Shoe Company's founder, Dan Fowler has been advocating, supporting, and creating relationships with the homeless community for over four years. After seeing increased efforts from the city of New Orleans to find permanent housing for its homeless citizens, he noticed an emerging need.
For people that have succeeded in getting housed, stability increased greatly. However, their stories don't end at housing. In fact, people with histories of homelessness often have a hard time finding jobs appropriate for them and their giftings, and often carry with them various traumas and negative life experiences related with the streets of New Orleans. 
Russell Vonna
Russell - Housed in 2016

In New Orleans, people who achieve housing are often placed in areas of the city with consistently higher crime rates, increased poverty, and substance abuse epidemics. Homelessness also tends to either exacerbate or create mental illnesses and traumas. (The rate of severe mental illness has been reported at up to four times the national average, according to the National Coalition for the Homeless.)

The end result is that people are left mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally drained. While the church has a tendency to isolate the spiritual issues and deal with them separately from the other issues in a person's life, mental health counselors and social workers tend to gravitate towards working in the direction associated with their respective fields. 

jonique / keys
Jonique - Housed in 2017

We believe that our employee's require wholistic care. We believe that together, we can do more for our community than bandaid situations. We believe that we our local community can flourish.