What We Do

the issues

In New Orleans, a good deal of work is being done to try to get people off the streets and into homes. In many ways though, it seems that the support ends there. 

Repeatedly we saw our newly housed friends continue to struggle in a variety of ways. They are placed in dangerous neighborhoods, denied job opportunities, and left to rebuild financially, emotionally, and spiritually alone. They were simply not given the tools they required to create productive lives and repair the damage done while on the streets.

our work

After working in and for the community, and seeing people continue to struggle with new challenges after achieving shelter, we understood the felt needs. In order to help, we enlisted the help of various top-level organizations and professionals from across the country. 


the playbook

Together, we built something we call the PlaybookA playbook is traditionally a collection of plays teams put together to achieve the common goal of winning the “Big Game”. Our Playbook is our collection of plays for those we employ. Our Playbook has three parts:


playbook breakdown

By putting the power in the hands of our employees and giving them all the tools they need, we give the employee the final say in their situation. 


At Reunion Shoe Company, we don’t measure our success by our sales. To us, success is what happens when a person has experienced homelessness finds stability and begins to thrive because of the goals they have set for themself.

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